Twinkles Graduation

A few weeks ago Sarah completed her requirements for the Twinkles graduation. She has been playing violin now for about a year. She is now on her third violin because as she grows, she needs to keep getting larger violins. Now that she has graduated from Twinkles, she will be starting Suzuki book one.

Here’s the Video:

3 comments to Twinkles Graduation

  • GrandmaLynn

    OUTSTANDING! That was 6 minutes of playing without the music and Suzanne wasn’t
    there to help out. She must have a good ear for music cuz she has come a long way in one year. From a very proud Grandma!

  • klehmkuhler

    That was so fun to watch! So proud of her. I can’t believe how long the recital was … that really is a long time to just play only by following the piano’s lead, with no verbal instructions. Thank you for sharing!!! XOXO, Kristi

  • D & D of WY

    Hello, We enjoyed watching Sarah’s violin recital and she certainly did a good job. Hope she continues to enjoy her music lessons and learns a lot. Her Grampa Morrow appreciated receiving this nice “gift” on his birthday too. Hope you are all having a great summer. Ours has been quite nice. We hope to go fishing on Friday. Give our dear granddaughter a hug from each of us. We send our love to you three and the Lord’s blessings too. Grampa and Gramma Morrow

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