Sarah’s Spring Recital (2011)

Our little musician was at it again today.  Today she had another recital.  It really is interesting how much she has progressed in a little less than two years.

As for other interesting things going on in the Morrow household, Suzanne has a new job…. sort of.  We hope.  She doesn’t have a contract yet, but should any day now.  Her new job will be as a strategic planner to develop programs to improve school readiness for pre-school aged children.  It’s actually with the City of Norfolk.

We are all excited that Spring is finally here.  And that can only mean one thing: My mom is coming.  Yes, Grandma Lynn will be here at the end of the week to watch Sarah during her school’s spring break.  She will be staying for almost two weeks.  I hope she doesn’t get tired of us :)   I think I can find a flower garden or something for her to spend some time with.

As for me, I’m still working with the same company (Valkyrie Enterprises).  I enjoy my work and look forward to going to work each day.

I do hope you enjoy the video, and please leave a comment at the bottom if you wish.  You do not have to register or anything like that just to leave comments, but if you want to get an email reminder each time I post, just enter in your email address in the “Subscribe” box on the bottom right.


Here’s the video:

1 comment to Sarah’s Spring Recital (2011)

  • Granddma Lynn

    Very nice. Every year the recital piece gets longer and Sarah performs like a champion. I know she has to work hard and practice every day to do well. Granddma Lynn is very proud of her.

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