Daylily Bloom

I recorded a 14-hour time lapse video of a daylily blooming and crunched it down to 45 seconds. I hope you like it. (Click on the picture below)


Sarah’s 2011 Ballet Recital

I challenge you to find anything cuter than a bunch of six-year-old girls performing ballet. You see? It just can’t be done. Yesterday Sarah had her end of year Ballet recital. Of course it was awesome.

In other news, Sarah graduated from “kindergarten” on Friday. I put kindergarten in quotes because Montessori really doesn’t [...]

Sarah’s Summer 2011 Violin Concert

Sarah’s most recent Violin Concert was last Saturday, the 21st of May.  This was a very exciting concert for Sarah.  She was the leader of the Twinkles songs.  She stood in front of the other violinists and led them all.  She was oh-so-excited!  She has been practicing so hard for so long that she [...]

Sarah’s Spring Recital (2011)

Our little musician was at it again today.  Today she had another recital.  It really is interesting how much she has progressed in a little less than two years.

As for other interesting things going on in the Morrow household, Suzanne has a new job…. sort of.  We hope.  She doesn’t have a contract [...]

Happy Birthday to Sarah (Disney World)

Sarah celebrated her 6th birthday while we were at Disney World last week.  We had her party at the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  One of the servers sang her “happy birthday”, and it was quite interesting.  The other person helping the cast member sing is Sarah’s cousin, Brad.

I’ll put up a gallery [...]

My Little Auburn Cheerleader

Before I go any further, just let me say “Waaaarrrrrr Eagle!” Yes, my Auburn Tigers are 11-0, after having beaten Georgia today. We are making quite the Auburn fan out of Sarah. It was to be expected, after all. By the way, we are taking contributions for Sarah’s Auburn Fund, so if you have [...]

Picture-packed Halloween

Over the last few says we have been to the Hunt Club Farm, had the Montessori Halloween Parade, had Sarah’s Soccer “graduation”, and did our own Halloween celebrating with friends at our house.  Sarah enjoyed everyone one of these events tremendously.

The Hunt Club is a local farm that is half-petting zoo and half [...]

Sarah’s Violin Recital

We are so proud of Sarah.  She performed in a really impressive violin recital yesterday.  She practices almost every day (when she doesn’t have soccer or ballet practice), and she is getting better all the time.  She actually knows several other songs, but this was her first solo performance in front of an audience, [...]

Ballet Recital

I hope you can stand two videos in two days. And this one is a good bit longer (about 17 minutes). Don’t give up on it too early because there is a really special dance treat near the end that you will NOT want to miss (or just click up to the 11:13 time [...]

Twinkles Graduation

A few weeks ago Sarah completed her requirements for the Twinkles graduation. She has been playing violin now for about a year. She is now on her third violin because as she grows, she needs to keep getting larger violins. Now that she has graduated from Twinkles, she will be starting Suzuki book one.